2010 has been a huge year and I thought nothing spells that out better than a list.

Fortunately I am not the only one that really likes a list and something that I love following online is everyone else’s lists! A lot of the hard work is really already done but it makes for a great read so let’s start the end of the year with my top 10 list of lists, wrapping up what we read, viewed, tweeted and consumed in 2010.

#1 Google

Embedded in our muscle memory today is the term ‘Google it’. You know what it means, you turn to it with questions and you expect it to know the answers. Fortunately all these search terms provide us with something else in retrospect; a unique look at what we searched for – and who better to make a video about it than Google? Okay so not exactly a list but tres cool, trust me.

#2 Mashable

To validate that first bit, a recent article on Mashable took a look at the Zeta Interactive awards. A company who also like making lists measured the top 125 social media sites – but with a twist. They rank not on popularity alone but how people feel about those sites too.  Can you guess who topped the 2o1o list? No need, I made a list below for you.

  1. YouTube
  2. Flickr
  3. Twitter
  4. Match.com
  5. Linkedin
  6. Facebook
  7. Groupon
  8. eHarmony
  9. Stumble Upon
  10. Google Buzz

#3 YouTube

That’s right, our friend YouTube. Next on my 2010 list, YouTube search, and it turns out YouTube search is almost as big as Google. What have you YouTubed lately?

Something else that always catches my attention online is of course viral video ads. Having recently had the opportunity to shake the hand of Isaiah Mustafa of Old Spice fame, (look at me I’m on a horse) this one is a fave of mine. But what were the most innovative viral video ads of 2010? Let’s pop back over to Mashable for the answers on that one.
Isaiah Mustafa & Dan Michae

  1. NSFW. A Hunter Shoots a Bear! (language not suitable for children)
  2. Embrace Life
  3. Guy Walks Across America (amazing stop motion vid)
  4. Old Spice Responses (best in my mind but who am I to argue)
  5. The Puma Hardchorus
  6. Google Chrome Speed Tests (blew my mind when I first saw it)
  7. Swagger Wagon
  8. There’s A Soldier in All Of Us
  9. Write the Future
  10. Master of Business Card Throwing (look out watermelons the world over)

Not surprisingly to me the top viral video ad is possibly the cleverest use of a YouTube page I’ve seen a corporate do. Extremely clever if you are 18 or over and haven’t seen it before I suggest you check it out, what happens will take you completely by surprise. Glad Isaiah gets a mention too.

Sadly though, Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’ tops the most-watched music videos in the world on YouTube with more than 400 million view. Blugh.

#4 Infographics

Something else that fascinated me in 2010 was the huge rise in popularity of Infographics. Infographics (Information Graphics) take data, information or knowledge and turn them into graphical visual images. There have been some incredible one, and guess what else? Yep, tripwire magazine has made a list of the 40 most interesting.  I’ll pare it back to the top 4 in the interest of brevity but visit the full list if you like these ones;

  1. The Social Engagement Spectrum
  2. The Hierarchy of Digital Distractions (my fave)
  3. The Social Media Effect
  4. Age Distribution on Social Network Sites (very interesting, where do YOU sit?)

#5 Twitter

How can we get past a best of social and webby kind of list blog without a Twitter list? The answer is we can’t, and lucky for us, Twitter are all over this trend too with their trending topics top ten list. Boy that was a mouthful of alliteration; I dare you to say that ten times whiles patting your head and rubbing your tummy in an anti clockwise manner. What were we talking about in 2010?

  1. Gulf Oil Spill
  2. FIFA World Cup
  3. Inception
  4. Haiti Earthquake
  5. Vuvuzela
  6. Apple iPad
  7. Google Android
  8. Justin Bieber
  9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
  10. Pulpo Paul

In a lovely human twist it seems we were all most worried about the Gulf Oil Spill, closely followed up by the sport-erati (I made an elite club) and Fifa world cup.

#6 Music makes me lose control

I am a bit of a music nutcase. Not stuck in one genre at all I listen to all types so my list wouldn’t be complete without a music mention somewhere and I thought I better pull this one back a bit closer to home, with The Age’s Aussie list of the most played song on Australian Commercial Radio.

One for the *aherm* ladies by the looks of it?

  1. Train — Hey, Soul Sister
  2. Lifehouse — Halfway Gone
  3. John Butler Trio — Close To You
  4. Jet — Seven-teen
  5. Adam Lambert — Whataya Want From Me
  6. Muse — Undisclosed Desires
  7. Powderfinger — Burn Your Name
  8. Jason Derulo — In My Head
  9. Scouting For Girls — This Ain’t A Love Song
  10. John Mayer — Heartbreak Warfare

#7 Comic blogs

And being a part time drawing-type-person myself,  with a bent for satire and a definite dry sense of humour, I had to include my favourite and most read comic blogs list for 2010. Right at the top is my hero of anti-heroes Allie Brosh. Always heady for a new one, who did you uncover this year? Is your list different from mine?

  1. Hyperbole & a Half
  2. The Oatmeal
  3. xkcd
  4. Zappa Blamma

#8 Apps

My-oh-my have I spent some coin on Apps this year. iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, Nintendo and PS3  (don’t know if they count) but I’ve been there and had them all and forked out my hard earned cash for each and every one that took my fancy. I wish my accountant would acknowledge them as work related.

Mine include:

  1. Angry Birds (so addictive is should be illegal)
  2. Facebook for iPhone
  3. Baby Decks for iPad (I always wanted to be a DJ)
  4. StreetFighter IV for iPhone but played to death on iPad
  5. Need for Speed on WP7
  6. Foursquare (n00b badge just received)
  7. Ego (I stroke mine daily by watching my blog stats hit visist in the tens of … just tens, probably my folks)
  8. WordPress
  9. Twitter (the actual Twitter App is my fave)

#9 Top handsets

I would have to say with my hand on my heart that the iPhone 4 knocked it clean out of the park for me this year. Yes I know, fanboi I am but seriously the combo of complete integration in my life and the amazing Retina display – how can I go back?
The Android is a powerful and tweakable system and ecology but it just doesn’t speak to me as loudly as it does the friends around me who swear black and blue by it. Perhaps it’s the age old Ford vs Holden rivalry that we will never escape playing out in handset land =)

In any case I take this one to you the reader, as I can’t find a really up to the minute list of Top 10 Handsets in 2010. The SMH reported their Top 10 mobiles from CES at the beginning of the year, but how would your top 3 list look in retrospect? Leave me a comment below and we can update this post as ‘brought to you, by you’ later on.

#10 Best Gadgets

Well if you hadn’t noticed that twenty-ten has been all about 3D you must have been living under a rock. 3D animated features number 50 and every consumer electronics company released a HD 3D Blu-ray compatible Plasma or LCD but I am still not buying into it.

Apart from that it has been a corker of a year in gadget land. From Darth Vader USB drives to wireless power mats that charge every device you own to eBook readers and Tablets from everywhere you can imagine, they have all been amazing. Michael Lewis covered some of the biggest and brightest stars at this years CES and rumour has it he will be doing it all again in Jan 2011 so stay tuned for that one.

But I take you to Gizmodo for the last list for this year with Nick Broughall’s top 10 gadgets of 2010 straight out of IFA in Berlin. Lucky him!

  1. LG’s 31-OLED screen
  2. Samsung Galaxy Tab
  3. Sony’s Google TV
  4. Sharp Parallax barrier 3D screen
  5. Huawei IDEOS Android smartphone
  6. Sony 1080p 3D projector
  7. LG LEX8
  8. Viewsonic ViewTab 7
  9. Toshiba Folio
  10. Panasonic 152-inch Plasma

Phew, that was a long one – so what makes up your Top 10 lists list?

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