If you have a Telstra TV, there’s a world of extras that you might not know about. They’re all in the Telstra TV app for your phone – go take a look! You can find something to watch or jump straight to any Telstra TV app, but this feature is one of our favourites.

We love Telstra TV – we think it’s the easiest way to get all of Australia’s favourite streaming services, live TV and on demand content all in one place. You can watch new release movies from Telstra TV Box Office or log in to the most popular services like Disney+ and BINGE.

Listen to Telstra TV on your phone

This little-known Telstra TV feature is a great extra for all the families out there. Whether you’ve snuck out of bed to watch your favourite sport at 2am, or if you don’t want to distract your kids from afternoon study time, there’s a way to watch the big screen without big sound.

We call it Private Listening. Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Download and open the Telstra TV mobile app, and link your phone with your Telstra TV over wi-fi using the sync button at the top right of the app.
  2. Play whatever content you’d like to watch on your Telstra TV, whether you’re using the remote control on your Telstra TV app or the physical remote that came with your device.
  3. On the Remote screen of the Telstra TV mobile app, press the headphones icon to enable Private Listening and press OK.
  4. Voila! Audio from your Telstra TV is now being played through your phone.

Once you’ve got Telstra TV audio playing through your phone, you can listen through your phone’s speaker and create your own bubble of TV sound – your TV will stay muted until you switch Private Listening off again in the Telstra TV app. You can plug headphones into your phone, or connect headphones over Bluetooth if you want a more cordless experience.

Telstra TV has a heap of other useful features that you might not have discovered yet, so take a look and find something new. They’re all part of what makes Telstra TV our favourite streaming box, and we’re excited for you to put them all to good use around the house.

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