We know that a brilliant connected future won’t happen on its own. It needs to be created. And that is only possible with a team of talented and passionate people on board.

Telstra is going through a significant transformation from being Australia’s leading telecommunications company to become a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.

To support that transformation we are constantly looking at what makes our company attractive to talented people, and we are proud to be acknowledged for this work by being named on the LinkedIn Top Companies 2017 list in 10th place.

We have spent a lot of time building our brand engagement, particularly within the global technology space and we know from both LinkedIn’s data as well as our own research* that these are the essential ingredients that make us an attractive employer:

Respect and consideration: for each individual’s needs, views and ideas. We know a workforce that is as diverse and representative of our customer base is also better equipped to understand and anticipate customer needs.

When it comes to gender diversity, our CEO’s leadership team is 45.5% female, however we have more work to do with our broader team currently sitting at 30.6% female. We are making good progress to bridge the gender gap and one way we are going to get there is through our recruitment procedure which requires a minimum of 50% female representation on recruitment shortlists and interview lists. This new recruitment procedure has only been in place for two months, but we are already seeing our female talent pipeline grow and result in new female hires.

Making a difference: people want so much more than a job. We are a big team working towards a common purpose and our people value the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on our customers, their colleagues and the broader community – which is why we give each employee an annual paid volunteer day, which gives them leave to work on the causes they are passionate about.

Flexibility and choice: It’s not where you are, it’s what you do. Through our ‘All Roles Flex’ approach, flexibility is the starting point for how we work. Hot desking and working at home are just some of the options available to our people to enable them to fulfil their diverse needs. 82% of our people say they have access to the flexibility they need, and since shifting to All Roles Flex our retention rates of parents (both male and female) returning from parental leave are consistently over 90%.

Stimulating and challenging work: we’re at the heart of technological change – making it happen by connecting everything to everyone, and importantly providing opportunities for growth. People need variety and choice in their career direction – up or across the business – and an environment where they feel empowered to take ownership and accountability over their role.

Particularly as the transformation in our industry and organisation continues, and taking into account emerging technologies like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence – which will see our future workforce continue to evolve and change – it is now more important than ever to be listening and acting on what’s important to employees.

Our focus needs to be on continuing to build on the culture that makes us a top company and delivering on our promise to our employees, who will ultimately create a brilliant connected future for everyone.

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* Source: Telstra Employee Value Proposition Research Study 2014 and 2016 Telstra Employee Engagement Survey Data.