You’re a tech-savvy individual with a sweet home set up. Your TV talks to your computer and your phone controls it all. There’s only one problem: no one understands what’s going on when they come to visit.

And one day you’re going to want to switch off and take a holiday and someone will have to come to water the plants and feed Snuffles. And when that day comes, they’re not going to have a good time!

There a simple solution that can help people connect when they visit, which is half the battle. How? Set-up a QR code to automatically connect them to your Wi-Fi connection.

A Wi-Fi network code... yes... Wi-Fi

You may think it’s easier just to give them the password, but I’m here to tell you that this is a dead simple solution.

The website QR Code Generator has an option to fill out your Wi-Fi details, meaning when someone scans the code, they’ll be automatically connected.

Once you get into the swing of creating them, you can make one for every step of connecting to your home, from how-to’s to app downloads.

Or you could just Rick Roll them, whatever makes you happiest…

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