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LG G3 and LG G-Watch are coming to Telstra


Posted on July 23, 2014

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Back in June we announced that the LG G3 was coming to Telstra. What we can tell you today is that we will also be launching a brand new smartwatch, the LG G-Watch, from 5 August as well.

The LG G-Watch will be one of the first smartwatches launched by Telstra to use Google’s latest Android Wear Operating System.

Wearables’ is the hottest buzz word in tech at the moment. Wearables technology is challenging people to re-think the way they interact with tech by making their day more efficient, helping them to keep up to date with meetings, reminders and messages while they are on the go.

At Telstra we are very excited about the LG G-Watch because it’s one of the first running the new Android Wear OS, specifically designed for smartwatches.

Just like you would on an Android phone, you can perform tasks using the Google Now app by simply saying “OK Google” to the G-Watch such as messages, directions and meeting alerts.

You can even ask Google a question on the G-Watch and receive a response within seconds!

The smartphone

The LG G3 is Telstra’s latest 700MHz capable smartphone and will be available for online pre-order on 29 July. A limited time offer of a $250 VISA gift card with select pre-orders will also be available.

Customers can purchase the LG G3 on a a $70 Telstra Mobile Accelerate Plan, plus $7 per month handset repayment when they stay connected for 24 months, which includes 1.5 GB of data (excess usage $0.03c/MB) for use in Australia ($77/month – minimum cost over 24 months is $1849. 2 Minute standard call $2.38).

Customers can also purchase the LG G3 from Telstra outright for $696 RRP.

Business customers can get the LG G3 smartphone on a $65 Easy Share Business Plan, plus $9 per month handset payment when they stay connected for 24 months, which includes 1 GB of data (excess data $0.03/MB) to use in Australia ($74/month – minimum cost is $1776. 2 minute standard call $2).

Business customers can also purchase the LG G3 from Telstra outright for $696 RRP.

The LG G3 smartphone

The smartwatch

LG G-Watch will be available for $259 RRP or $19 up front and $10 per month on a 24 month Accessory Repayment Option plan.

The LG G-Watch

Interested? Then order online now!

Editors note: this blog was updated on 27 August 2014 to include the pricing of the Telstra Mobile Accelerate Plan.

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