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Let’s create a brilliant connected future for everyone

Telstra News

Posted on October 24, 2013

2 min read

Yesterday Telstra announced its refined long term strategy. This is the plan that gives us a clear pathway towards 2020 and beyond that, and will help us to achieve our purpose – a brilliant connected future for everyone.

This is a simpler and clearer strategy than we’ve had before. It makes our ambitions clearer and will help us to stay focused on the critical areas of customer service excellence, our core Australian business; and also growth opportunities in Australia and overseas.

This refined strategy represents a shift in our emphasis but the foundations of our previous strategy (including four pillars of; improve customer service, retain and grow customers, simplify, and build growth businesses) remain strong.

The refined strategy has three pillars;

  • Improve customer advocacy;
  • Drive value from the core (that’s the products and services that make up the vast majority of domestic revenue)
  • Build new growth businesses.

The strategy gives greater clarity and focus for new growth opportunities than we’ve had before.

The changes make sense because they reflect our business needs and the exciting and rapidly moving environment we operate in.

You can read the media release and see documents lodged with the ASX on the About Telstra website.