From today we’re introducing Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom PlusTM with data and call credit roll over, providing our customers with more value than ever before on Telstra Pre-Paid. 

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the chance to speak with my friends and family who are Telstra customers. I like to ask them about what they love and what they’d like to see a little bit more of. Recently, I’ve noticed that pre-paid customers have started to ask for more freedom to keep what they have paid for, rather than lose it at the end of the recharge period.

This is particularly important when it comes to data. We know that our customers are hungry for more data, and they don’t like seeing unused inclusions go to waste when they recharge. I’m really excited to share that we’re addressing this with the introduction of data roll over on Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom Plus™.

So, how does roll over work? From today, customers on Freedom Plus who recharge $30 or more will be eligible to roll over their unused data to their next recharge, so long as they recharge before their credit expires. This means our customers have an extra 28 days to use rolled over data, before it expires.

We’ve also packed even more inclusions into Freedom Plus to ensure our customers continue to enjoy the things they love on Australia’s best mobile network:

  • We’ve included roll over for unused Call Credit, so customers can bank credit for the calls you don’t make. Customers just need to recharge before their recharge expiry to benefit
  • We’ve increased Call Credit and Data allowances on our $40 and $50 recharge
  • We’ve included the ability for customers to use their Call Credit for both domestic and international calls, plus voicemail retrieval
  • We’re continuing to provide unlimited calls to standard Telstra mobiles and unlimited texts to standard Australia numbers
  • We’ve introduced two new fantastic value Top Up Packs for customers to easily access additional credit and data if and when they need it

With these changes we’re excited that our customers can now do even more of what they love on Telstra Pre-Paid Freedom Plus.