There’s less than a week until we officially launch our new rewards program, Telstra Plus – and we really, really don’t want you to miss out! Sign up early and you’ll be in line for some bonus points as well as a more rewarding experience for being a Telstra customer.

Telstra Plus is our new rewards program, giving customers the opportunity to earns points to put towards discounts on the latest devices and accessories just for being a Telstra customer. We want you to be ready to earn points from day one, and there’s a nice bonus for signing up early.

Telstra Plus adds the ability to earn points on your monthly Telstra spend, and to put those points towards a new smartphone, or accessories like headphones, wearables or smart home speakers. Plus, Telstra Plus has three tiers – Member, Silver, and Gold.

Everyone with a Telstra Plus membership will be able to access our Member tier benefits such as discounted tickets and pre-sale access to concerts; entertainment benefits that build on the success of our long-running Telstra Thanks program. Silver members will receive a one-off Telstra Platinum tech support call online or over the phone per year and an entertainment bonus – more on that last part soon! If you qualify for the Gold tier, you’ll also get 24×7 tech support online and on the phone through Telstra Platinum.

Signing up to Telstra Plus only takes a couple of minutes, and there are no joining fees – all you have to do is visit the website or the 24/7 app, enter your Telstra personal account details, and follow the steps. From 14 May, you’ll be earning points without any more effort needed.

We can’t wait to share more about our plans for Telstra Plus, and to welcome you all to the new program with a bang. Stay tuned as we get closer to 14 May to see what we have in store.