These days you don’t need to throw big money at a fancy camera to take great photos. In fact, most of us only use our smartphones. Every year it seems the built-in cameras in phones have more and more awesome tech features – from Carl Zeiss lenses to those capable 41 mega pixels. But what good is any of that if you can’t compose a decent shot?

Here are some tips to help get your LIKES up on Facebook and Instagram.

Take photos in landscape

I cannot stress this one enough. Sure, I can forgive you taking a photo in portrait, if it is actually a portrait of a person or pet. But if you’re snapping a photo of the Sydney Harbour Bridge think landscape.


Try interesting angles

Everyone’s seen the same old angles of the same old tourist attraction including those ‘selfies’ in front of the Eiffel Tower. Try to look for different locations you can shoot from to tell a better story about what you’re seeing. Maybe shoot standing under the Eiffel Tower looking up.


Keep the camera still

Most shutter speeds on smartphone cameras are pretty quick, so you’re unlikely to get a massive amount of motion blur. However, it pays to always check your photos before moving spots to ensure your photo is as crisp as possible.


Get up close

Macro photos are awesome. You get to see intricate detail in everyday objects that you might not normally take notice of. Much like taking a photo from a different angle, this can convey a different emotion, or just look damn good.


Add filters

Sure, it might feel like cheating, but unless you’re carrying around a full kit of lighting gear and a reflector, there’s nothing like adding a filter to your photo to cover up blemishes or bad lighting. There are a ton of apps our there that offer this, including Instagram.


Hopefully I’ve helped you out a bit, so go forth and take photos of everything. While you’re at it, why not enter the cool competition we’re running on Instagram?

Simply follow our Instagram account (@Telstra), take a photo of one of our Wi-Fi hot spots around the country, add the hashtag #WifiNation and tag our @Telstra account, and you’re on your way with a chance to win one of three Samsung Galaxy S6’s. Click here for the terms and conditions.

Good luck.

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