When you run a business, you don’t want anything to derail your progress. Even the smallest issue can cause problematic ripples for your day-to-day activities. So when Amy’s dad was working with the NSW Rural Fire Service over Kempsey late last year and his data service stopped working, he needed answers fast.

Amy’s dad is a 30-year pilot. He learned to fly while raising three kids and supporting his family in New South Wales. When he’s not flying with the Rural Fire Service as a volunteer pilot, he’s complaining about who left the lights on around the house and reminding his family who pays the electricity bill.

As part of his business, he connects with Telstra.

But like all things, sometimes he encounters snags and minor issues that need to be solved fast. When he was flying as part of recent firefighting operations, he found one such snag.

Because connectivity is so vital to Amy’s dad, he’s a user of our small business Account Management Support service.

We know that business owners are time-poor. All your energy should go into looking after your customers and improving your operations, not spent on the phone to your suppliers, on hold or in a queue in-store. Our small business Account Management Support gives you more time to look after your business, while we handle your communication and technology needs and account queries.

This service comes at no extra cost, for every single one of our small business customers, irrespective of their size or the number of services they have. Whether you’re a work from home sole trader or have a more complex business with multiple staff across multiple sites, your account with us just got more personal.

In fact, since we launched the service last year, our Account Management team has provided assistance through more than 1 million calls from Telstra customers.

While Amy’s dad is pretty tech-savvy, the Account Management Support service gave Amy and her dad extra peace of mind, knowing they could call on help if they ever needed it.

When his data SIM card went out while he was working with the Rural Fire Service, she knew the issue needed a quick resolution. That’s when Mac swooped in to fight this proverbial fire. Mac works as part of our dedicated Account Management team.

When you call or talk to us with a question or an issue with your account, you’ll reach a team of dedicated business specialists that are accountable for resolving your queries from start to finish. We have a dedicated number – 132 000 – for small businesses, connecting you with our Account Management team with extended support hours of 8AM-9PM every day of the week – so you can concentrate on running your business during its opening hours.

When you call us, the small business expert you speak to will be responsible for navigating the complexities of any issue. You can also opt in to our text-back service, which will give you regular updates on the status of your request.

Amy’s dad called her when his data service stopped working, and Amy was straight on the phone to our Account Management Support team. She says that Mac was able to immediately diagnose the issue as a mismatched SIM card serial number on the account, and immediately reregister the SIM cards for active service.

Amy said that she was eternally grateful that Mac could fix this issue. “Any other company would have just told my Dad to go into a local store to fix the issue in person, but while he’s flying a helicopter fighting fires, he can’t exactly park anywhere, y’know?”

“Mac asked the right questions, and quickly understood exactly what had happened to the SIM, and in no time at all, Mac had put out the biggest fire of all today and got the service working again,” Amy said.

She tells me if she could speak to Mac again, she’d want him to know that he’d had “a magnificent impact potentially saving animals, homes and even lives”. “A simple request to reactivate a SIM card is something these guys can do standing on their head, and it has an incredible impact and really helps get the job done,” she adds.

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