We have made a number of improvements to our Service Status Page to help our customers when you’re searching online for information about network outages.

When you operate large and complex networks like ours, from time to time there will be service interruptions or outages as they’re sometimes known. These network outages are generally caused by a loss of power in parts of our network, builders or construction companies cutting one of our cables, equipment failure and extreme weather such as storms, cyclones and floods.

When something does go wrong, our teams do everything they can to restore our customers’ services as quickly as possible. Indeed, the majority of network issues are fixed in under four hours and many much quicker than this.

That said, we know that if your service is impacted even briefly, you want to know what is happening and when you’ll be reconnected.

Until recently, you have been able to search online for outages on Telstra’s Service Status Page and receive general information by postcode. Our customers told us that this information was sometimes confusing – they wanted more specific information relevant to their service and clearer guidance on what to do next.

One of the biggest improvements we have made is the way our customers can search. Instead querying using a postcode, you can perform a personalised search using your home address to check for outages affecting your home telephone and internet services. This delivers results tailored to your service address. You can know with certainty if there is an outage affecting your address and if so, the cause of the outage and when you’ll be reconnected.

If your service is not impacted by an outage in the area, we guide you through smart troubleshooting steps at telstra.com/fix which test, diagnose and resolve common issues.

For customers searching for information about mobile and network outages, we have added maps that show specific geographical areas that may be impacting a customer’s mobile service. This is far more accurate and helpful for customers, especially if a mobile outage is confined to a few streets and not an entire suburb.

All of these new features and improvements were based on feedback from our customers, who want effortless digital experiences, transparent information and fast resolution. Keep an eye out too for new features we will be adding in the coming months.

The Service Status page can be accessed by visiting outages.telstra.com.