What you may not know is that I am not only the editor of Telstra Exchange, but I am also the community manager of our Google+ channel, where we have a thriving community of over 66,000 people! I consider myself very lucky; every day I get to work in social and talk tech with our Google+ community and, of course, you lovely readers!

I am thrilled to say that next Wednesday, we will be hosting our first Google+ Hangout with Telstra’s resident product experts David Saidden and Nathan Azouz. The theme is ‘Mobiles 2020,’ which means we’ll be talking about trends in devices and how mobiles will look in the year 2020. Have you ever wondered what the mobiles space will look like in the future? Now’s your chance to ask our guys!

We’ll be starting the Hangout at 6pm on November 6, 2013. You will be able to watch the event on our Google+ page or on our YouTube channel, and you’ll also be able to join the conversation using the hashtags #Mobiles2020 or #TelstraHangout. You can also follow the event with live tweets from @Telstra_News.

It’s going to be a great event – see you there!

Mobiles 2020, a Google+ Hangout with Telstra

When? 6pm EST, November 6, 2013
Where? Over on our Google+ page!
Who? We are lucky to be joined by David Saidden, device lead for Apple, Nokia and Sony/Sony Ericsson and Nathan Azouz, General Manager Channels and Experience.