Dark Fibre. No, it’s not Darth Vader’s breakfast – it’s the first new product from our standalone infrastructure business, Telstra InfraCo.

Dark Fibre is an important milestone in our T22 strategy, and gives organisations the flexibility to adjust their own data network along that fibre as they see fit – up the capacity, tune for major file downloads as well as increase security. Normally, your data is carried across our network with millions of other customers – Dark Fibre gives an organisation its own dedicated, secure lane on the information super-highway.   

Wait a second.. What is Dark Fibre?

We’re glad you asked! Dark Fibre can help power a lot of businesses and applications that require high bandwidth and need to scale really quickly. This includes global carriers, hyperscalers (think of cloud and social media companies) and other internet services providers (sharing is caring, right?).

You might just think of a fibre optic cable as just one long cable that data flows through, but it’s actually made up of hundreds – or sometimes thousands – of smaller fibre optic strands arranged in pairs that can send data using light. But some of the fibre may not be lit up, which is where the name ‘dark fibre’ comes from.

Telstra InfraCo’s Dark Fibre is waiting to be lit up and used, offering this fibre capacity for private networks and usage to organisations.

If that still sounds a bit confusing, think of it like this.

Imagine our cable network as a multi-lane highway, but only some of those lanes are needed for regular traffic, so you make the extra lane available to be licensed for an organisation’s dedicated use. It’s free of other traffic, making it ultra-fast, flexible and secure.

How big – and how dark – is this fibre you’re talking about?

While Sydney’s M2 highway might just be 21km long, our fibre optic super highway spans more than 250,000km across Australia – enough to span around the globe more than 6 times – and we are now making parts of that massive network available for dedicated use.

Right now, most capital cities are ready to go, with more than 250 pre-defined paths available connected to 68 metro data centres, 78 NBN points of interconnect and two cable landing stations.

We will soon be expanding Dark Fibre availability network across the nation, beyond just metro locations, to take full advantage of our extensive fibre optic network that is waiting to be tapped into.

While this is just the first product from Telstra InfraCo, it’s already a big step in the businesses mission to provide greater transparency of Telstra’s infrastructure assets, to improve the efficiency of how those assets are managed and to provide optionality in an evolving industry.