Jessica Irwin is an inspiration to us all. Born with cerebral palsy, Jessica’s incredible drive and creative talent means she has cemented her place as a highly regarded professional photographer in the live music field. But, Jessica had a dream to step out from behind the shadow of the camera into the bright lights of the stage.

With the help of Dr. Jordan Nguyen and his technology business Psykinetic, a start-up seed funded by Telstra Foundation that improves quality of life for people with disabilities, Jessica realised her dream.

In a pre-record to the Telstra Vantage audience, Jessica said “I always had a strong desire to perform, but even I knew my limits. One evening Dr. Jordan attended a gig with me and saw first-hand my desire to perform on stage, and made it a goal to make this day happen.”

Opening Telstra Vantage™ with her musical debut, Jessica performed live with Australian music legend Steve Balbi in front of more than 3,500 attendees. Jessica’s performance combined the use of conventional instruments and an incredible piece of inclusive technology developed especially for her. Using eye-tracking technology, Jess manipulated a computer screen to create melodies, rhythms, sound sequences and stunning harmonious effect leaving the audience in awe.

With Telstra Vantage bringing together the most innovative tech and ideas under one roof, it seemed only fitting that Jessica open the show with her musical performance. Jessica relies on technology innovation to live her life to the fullest, reinforcing the important role of technology in transforming the way we live, create and do business.

Jessica Irwin is a distinguished photographer, with a passion for live music photography. She had a dream that she would one day perform with the band – and today that dream become a reality at Telstra Vantage 2017.

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