I don’t know about you, but the festive season is one of my favourite times of the year.

Between Christmas carols and presents gathering under the tree, you can’t help but be swept up in the spirit of the season.

christmas-2011-sleigh-blog-contentNowadays, with smartphones and tablets attached to our sides, it’s inevitable that the traditional way of celebrating and sharing festive goodwill with family and friends is changing.

So here at Telstra we decided it was the perfect time to look at our modern Christmas habits – and we’ve uncovered some interesting insights on how Aussies are set to connect this Christmas.

We love to text:

Our research suggests the first thing many Australians intend to do this Christmas morning is send text messages to family and friends – even before opening presents under the tree.

Text messaging continues to be the most popular way to share Christmas cheer, and we are predicting a record 99 million text messages to be sent, almost four million more than last year’s Christmas period (eve, day and boxing day).

We love to share pics:

This year, we expect our customers will send almost three million picture messages to loved ones, from best (and worst) presents, to pampered pets in festive gear.

We’re getting social:

Given our obsession with social networking, it’s not surprising that our research shows that half of Aussie Facebook® users plan to upload Christmas happy snap to their page on Christmas Day.

But remember, while you might think posting a festive picture or status update will suffice, our research suggests more than one-third of Australians believe there’s nothing better than receiving a call from a loved one, wishing them a happy and safe day.

And connect with those overseas:

If you have family and friends overseas, you won’t be alone in spreading some international well wishes. Christmas is the busiest day of the year for our national and international directory assistance operators. In all we expect around half a million international calls will be made from Australia on Christmas Day, with the UK, New Zealand and the US among the most popular call destinations.

But remember, there are some festive phone-pas (poor mobile phone etiquette) you should avoid:

  1. Over-sharing on social media sites. The last thing friends and family want to see online are your plans to re-gift their present.
  2. Posting a picture of someone who has enjoyed too much Christmas cheer, without their consent. A picture tells a thousand words so seek permission before sharing someone’s photograph and remember the golden rule – always think before you post.
  3. Forgetting international time differences. So you don’t wake friends and family, it’s a good idea to review the international time and area codes before calling on Christmas Day, as these can change throughout the year.
  4. Drink-dialling during the festive season. Modern technology has transformed traditional dating rules but remember, don’t drink and dial; without a doubt you’ll always regret it!
  5. Sending an identical Christmas SMS to multiple people in your contacts list. While you might think a Christmas SMS or posting a festive status update to your Facebook page will suffice, sometimes there’s nothing better than calling a loved one to wish them a merry Christmas.

So from all of us at Telstra, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and look forward to connecting with you on TEX in the new year!