Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, very simplistically delivers television by telephone, using the same broadband cable you currently surf the World Wide Web on. This delivery method is the next evolutionary step in the way video is broadcast to your home, with the days of tweaking pesky rabbit ears and scrabbling over slippery roofs largely a thing of the past.

However, it is not the delivery method (as technically tremendous as it is I’ll leave it for another time) I want to dwell on but rather what it means from a consumer choice perspective.

Choice wise IPTV heralds another ascent in the personalised customisation world dictated by the, “what I want, when I want ethos.” It is a world where you are the controlling force in choosing what and when to watch movies – without the DVD shop run around, or You Tube video clips – on the main screen in the house, all bundled with high definition free-to-air digital television, all on demand via a simple remote control.

Granted, to the technically savvy this has been doable for some time but for the mainstream this is the easy interface everyone has been waiting for, bringing an evolved, customised, flexible and easy ‘one stop shop’ style viewing experience into the main household room.

Driving this development are the telco’s, ISP’s and television manufacturers. All are primed to offer products at the convergent cutting edge in a way that will inevitably become society’s dominant delivery path.

The newly released IP enabled television between LG and Telstra is such a realisation. There are other similar products either out there or soon to be out there, but they require a separate set top box or device to achieve the same experience.

None offer the plugging simplicity of one cable directly into the television.

IPTV from TelstraBefore you decide this post is nothing more beyond a veiled Telstra-centric advertisement think outside this square for a moment.

Movies and exclusive content streamed straight to your television combined with web surfing functionality which allows you to view a plethora of user generated content when you want as you want. This is true video on demand and irrespective of who the provider is (it soon will be you, anyone up for the Chang family channel?) it actualises a new vision that is cresting into the next wave to be part of.

If you were to create your own IPTV channel, what would it look like? What kind of video content would it contain?