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iPhone 4 – returning to Telstra stores from Wednesday

Telstra News

Posted on August 2, 2010

1 min read

Hi everyone,

Well it’s official – iPhone 4 is Telstra’s fastest selling iPhone yet.

We’re attributing this to a phenomenal product, some very appealing data plans and the strength of Telstra’s Next G network.

The downside to this unprecedented demand is that iPhone 4 has sold out at Telstra stores across Australia.

However, we will be replenishing stock as quickly as possible and expect new stock to start arriving in Telstra stores from Wednesday.

iPhone 4 availability and stockIn the meantime, we’re taking down details in-store and online and we will update you when your preferred iPhone 4 model arrives. Priority will be given to customers who have already visited us in store or registered their interest online.

Thanks for your patience while we work with Apple to bring new stock to our stores across Australia.

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