We’ve announced a trial utilising the Internet of Things to give residents in Joondalup a smarter, better place to live. Local Mayor Troy Pickard shares his thoughts on this exciting project.

I love where I live. There’s something magical about the light in Joondalup. The way the sun sets over the ocean.

I believe Joondalup is already a great place to live and to do business, but I also think that our city could easily be one of Australia’s most livable places. That’s why we’ve established a digital transformation strategy to help drive innovation and economic growth for Joondalup and Perth’s northern corridor.

To help achieve our goals we’ve partnered with Telstra, who really get our digital philosophy. Together, we are trialing Internet of Things technology to transform Tom Simpson Park into a smart park.

So what is a smart park?

We’re using technology to help make the park a better place for the thousands of people who visit each month. The technology has been designed to meet specific needs, like making it even easier for visitors to find a car park and keeping the park clean and safe for everyone to enjoy.

The Internet of Things trial is also designed to deliver efficiencies for the city. Some of the technology we’re trialing includes:

  • Environmental sensors that monitor light, temperature, noise, humidity and pollution levels in the park in real-time.
  • A smart bin solution with sensors on the 32 bins located in the park that notify the waste services team when bins need to be emptied. This means we can manage rubbish collection more efficiently and gain insights into which areas of the park are being more frequently accessed by the community.
  • An IoT enabled smart car park connected to the Telstra mobile network that shows how many spaces are available to people travelling to the area, helping traffic flows during peak periods and summer holidays. We say it helps you find the perfect park in the perfect park.
  • An analytics tool and dashboard that provides a real-time view of how the park and its infrastructure are being used. This helps us monitor park facilities and use resources more efficiently to allow the city to plan more effectively.

The technology also helps our team manage the park more efficiently. The real-time data and IoT dashboard helps us understand how the park is being used and design better things for the future.

We’re fortunate to have the expertise of the team at Telstra to guide our IoT pilot and demonstrate our leadership in digital transformation for the benefit of the wider community.