3.. 2.. 1.. [We have lift off] Behold Telstra’s new and shiny developer portal, which has been released into the wilds of the internet. With it brings countless opportunities for innovation and new and exciting ways to enhance people’s everyday lives.

Hello, my name is Steven Cooper, also known as DeveloperSteve, and I am the new API and Platform Evangelist at Telstra. After recently coming from being a CTO at a start-up and running developer relations at PayPal and Xero, I know the importance of having the right tools and resources in place for developers. This is why it’s so exciting to be building a developer community at an iconic company, Telstra, which touches on so many people throughout Australia.

Having been involved with developer events particularly code challenges throughout the world, known as hackathons, and have seen first-hand what developers can come up with using nothing more than a good developer portal and a good idea.

So, what is TelstraDev?

TelstraDev is our program to work closely with developer communities throughout the world with the goal of helping encourage tech and innovation via access to some of technologies we have to offer.

Enabling access to things like Messaging for example means a developer is able to send a secured message to a mobile device from a small piece of program code.

Why is the developer community so important for Telstra’s innovation?

Having a strong relationship with developer communities is vital to our growth into the technology space. With such a vast array of technologies we are very keen to understand how developers want to utilise our services and offer new and innovative applications and experiences to customers.

At the end of the day tech and innovation is something that can help make everyone’s lives easier and faster. Providing the right tools for developers to use will mean that we can help developers be on the forefront of some the latest technologies that we have to offer and be able to build a world class application and experience from the start.

Sounds great where can I find out more?

Head on over to Telstra Dev to have a look around or stay tuned for the 2nd blog post in this series where I’ll explain some of the developer terminology behind TelstraDev and what it means.