This month our 2019 Graduates hosted a tour of our Customer Insight Centre (CIC) and the Telstra Labs for Year 4 students from St. James Primary School in Brighton, Victoria. The graduates gave the students a memorable introduction to our technology and how we use STEM skills in our industry.

Our graduates gave a presentation on Telstra’s technology portfolio and the many ways in which our people use a range of STEM skills in their roles – from drones, IoT, 5G and robotics, to AR/VR and 3D printing. They also answered a multitude of questions – including some tricky ones. The kids were totally spellbound and genuinely awestruck.

And from the reaction we witnessed, we’re confident some of these youngsters have been inspired to take an interest in developing the type of skills needed in our industry.

This school is one of 16 partnerships supported by our teams taking part in the CSIRO ‘STEM Professionals in Schools’ program, which gives us opportunities to meet with young STEM students to show them how the skills they’re learning can translate into future roles within Australia’s high-tech industries.

These partnerships also create a direct relationship between school teachers and our industry professionals, bringing real-world applications of STEM skills into classrooms and into students’ lives. It’s our hope that we can help encourage and engage these students to further develop those skills and potentially enter a STEM career in the future – maybe even one with us! We’re also working with St. James Primary to establish a smart farm using our Track and Monitor wireless sensor technology so students can see a practical application for STEM skills, while also teaching them about sustainability at the same time.

This tour and partnership with St. James is just one of the ways we’re bringing ‘real industry STEM’ into schools around Australia and fueling the imaginations of the next generation.

Our graduates have been tireless in working with schools through the program and sharing their enthusiasm for STEM, and we look forward to encouraging more students to develop important STEM skills and prepare them for an exciting future technology career.