Without a doubt one of the biggest things to happen to smartphones this year is 4G connectivity.

I’ve been using a 4G smartphone for a little while now and it really does let you get more out of your mobile. It gives you the freedom to access content and information from your phone that you’d typically only access at home or at work on a PC.

Telstra Frontier Pre-paid 4G smart phoneFor example, when you’re in a 4G coverage area loading web pages becomes near instant; Facebook photos and status updates are noticeably faster; YouTube streaming is smoother. You can even watch catch up TV on your compatible mobile (for example ABC iView).

To date we’ve focused on offering advanced 4G smartphones to customers on a contract. And while you can buy these smartphones outright and slip in a pre-paid sim card to enjoy 4G speeds when in 4G coverage areas, we’re yet to offer a smartphone designed especially for those of you who love the control and flexibility of paying for a mobile service as you go.

So, today I’m delighted to introduce Australia’s first 4G Pre-Paid smartphone – The Telstra Frontier 4G for only $299.

The Telstra Frontier 4G lets you tap into ultra-fast mobile web speeds when browsing the web, uploading photos and streaming music and video in 4G coverage areas.

Despite its small $299 price tag it comes packed with big features and, of course, 4G speeds.

It has a large 4-inch touch screen, access to more than 600,000 apps and games from the Google Play™ store, and HD Voice technology that enables crisper, clearer calls when chatting to friends that have HD Voice compatible handsets on the Telstra Mobile Network.

It’s powered by quick 1.5 GHz dual core processor for switching between multiple apps, games and video.

It has a 5 mega-pixel camera with LED Flash. It also runs AndroidTM 4.0 operating software.

It’s all wrapped up in a stylish and compact design.

And, we have Australia’s benchmark in great-value pre-paid offers to power this affordable phone. For example, you can buy the Telstra Frontier 4G and recharge $30 on the Telstra Pre-Paid Cap EncoreTM and you receive 30 days of free talk and text to standard numbers on any Australian network every night 6pm-6am plus bonus data. Our customers love it, especially during Xmas.

Telstra Frontier 4G launches next Tuesday 27 November.  Head in-store or online at Telstra.com and be among the first in Australia to get your hands on this phone before Santa does.


*Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc

We’re very excited about this launch – and we’d love to know what you think as well.