Once considered the staple diet of TV law enforcement characters, Homer Simpson, high school students, and a must for any weekend footy match, the doughnut is suddenly ‘cool.’ No longer just jam-filled or glazed, doughnuts have undergone a Heston-inspired transformation, filled with Nutella or accompanied with syringes stuffed with custard and sauces to baste your recent sugary purchase.

This madness surrounding doughnuts (perhaps from the sugar high) has foodies in a frenzy to find the newest varieties, leading to Instagram filling up with pics of these tasty treats. While doughnuts have not been included in any ‘superfood’ list I know of, they appear to have super powers, having knocked both cupcakes and tacos off my must-eat twice a week list.

With so many doughnut-themed food events and an increasing range of styles and flavour on offer I’ve I feel it’s time I offered a quick cheat sheet on what’s good and where you can get it.

The Donutella

These bad boys been popping up at a few places, from Mick’s Donuts in Thomastown, Victoria to Vesbar Espresso in Marrickville, NSW.

Sauce in a syringe

Definitely an eye-catching option with more and more varieties popping up around the country.

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A staple in the history of doughnuts known for an array of flavours complete with topping such as 100’s and 1,000’s, choc chips or even nuts!

Peanut Butter

Now this is next evolution for doughnuts. Yes, we’ve loved the Nutella, but throw some peanut butter in and you’re onto a winner no matter which way you look at it.

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Greek Doughnuts

 St Gerry’s mix it up with an assortment of toppings to go with your beautifully deep fried Greek doughnuts.

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Classic Cinnamon

Hard to go wrong when you’re mixing sugar with cinnamon.

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