All around the world, there are fewer women than men in technology fields. History has shown that a lack of diversity limits not only our own ways of thinking but how we work together as teams and how successful we are as companies.

In a world that is so diverse, it only makes sense that the tech industry would reflect this as well.

My path to becoming a UX/UI designer

Since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with technology and its power to enrich lives. As a child, technology seemed to grow up alongside me. Each year offered new innovations and opened my mind to a world of possibilities.

When it came to choosing my path at university, UX/UI design became a natural choice for me as I knew that technology could help make people’s dreams come true.

A day in my life as a UX/UI designer at Telstra

As a UX designer at Telstra, no two days are alike for me – just the way I like it.

UX/UI design is a combination of artistic creativity, human psychology and technology and every day gives me the opportunity to flex both my creative and analytical brain simultaneously.

Most of my time is spent on agile projects at different stages of production, so I can be doing anything from creating wireframes and finished UI, gathering insights from users, to writing research pieces and analyses.

The most exciting part of my role is seeing a product I’ve worked on make the journey from design, user testing, to implementation, and finally into the customer’s hands.

A recent project that’s given me great satisfaction is designing the UX/UI for one of our internal mobile applications. People can now see the availability of spaces on floors, book spaces and meeting rooms, and collaborate with colleagues. It’s made their lives easier and more productive – there is no greater reward than that.

Bettina Marson loves her technology role at Telstra

My advice for women looking to enter the tech field

A supportive team and great mentors go a long way in helping you break down the walls. No one person can succeed without the help and personal investment from others, so learning to cooperate and work together is key to successfully establishing a career and professional network.

Develop your skills to be brave, try new things, adapt and change rapidly. Be open-minded, try subjects and activities in STEM (science, technology, education and maths), and always look forward to failing fast, as failure is the only way we can learn to succeed.

How does Telstra champion women in tech?

There are many ways Telstra supports women in tech, both internally and in the wider community.

Within Telstra, we celebrate women in tech by raising awareness, providing women with opportunities to establish strong networks, and help them navigate their careers within the tech industry. Our Brilliant Connected Women network supports members and host events such as International Women’s Day. We regularly invite female tech leaders to share their stories and insights into achieving success in their chosen specialisations.

Telstra is part of the Male Champions of Change Founding Group, a gold sponsor for Chief Executive Women and a sponsor of Females in IT and Telecommunications.

Recognising the role that we have in changing the future, we’ve been involved with programs that reach school-age girls so that we can break down the systematic challenges women face in tech, highlighting STEM career paths and hosting groups such as code like a girl’.

Our goal for 2020

Several years ago, Telstra recognised a need for more female talent within the company. That is why it publicly committed to ensuring that recruitment and interview shortlists include at least 50 percent female representation or 25 per cent in some specified roles where there is a gender imbalance in the job market.

There are many initiatives that will help us get there:

  • Teams can collaborate online through tools like Microsoft Teams, Yammer and SharePoint. This inherently increases opportunities for many women who have families, who volunteer, and who have care-taking commitments that other employers may not accommodate.
  • We offer 16 weeks parental leave for both male and female employees.
  • The Telstra Graduate Program prides itself on attracting a diverse pool of top talent and actively encourages women to apply.

I am proud to be part of an organisation that has fully embraced diversity, celebrated change, and created a fairer, more open-minded and inclusive environment in which women can thrive.

For women looking to forge a path in technology, check out our jobs at Telstra.