On 22 September, we welcomed the new Samsung Galaxy Note8 into our range of smartphones. Not only is the Galaxy Note8 big, stylish and super-fast, it is also 4G Blue Tick rated, which means it is the perfect device for people in regional and rural towns around Australia.

To celebrate its Blue Tick rating, we are taking the Samsung Galaxy Note8 out to Broken Hill in New South Wales to check out what’s in the box.

Check out some pictures we captured at Broken Hill’s giant red chair.

Key features in the Galaxy Note8:

• Epic screen: The massive 6.3-inch edge to edge Infinity Display lets you see more and do more – perfect for viewing the latest movies or live streaming a footy match.

• S Pen: The versatile S Pen and screen-off mode enables you to write or draw even when the screen is asleep. Now that’s efficient!

• Dual Camera: With two advanced rear cameras and 2x optical zoom, you can capture the finest details even in low light conditions. How good are your selfies going to look now!

• Water and dust resistance: The Note8 is water-resistant to 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes. And it’s dust-resistant too. Which came in really handy in Broken Hill!

View the live stream here.