At Telstra, we want to delight our customers through innovation.

Many of the initiatives we’ve pursued this year, including the recently announced Telstra Research Partnership Program and our muru-D start up incubator, have the potential to deliver significant social outcomes for our customers and communities.

Our innovation agenda is complemented by the work of the Telstra Foundation, which helps to unlock the digital potential of community organisations that have an appetite for social innovation.

This year, our Foundation partnerships have flourished.

We’ve supported SYN media to create Australia’s first youth-run community digital radio channel, SYN Nation. This initiative is taking SYN to regional communities, helping to close the geographic divide so that all young people can gain the skills and experience they need to be active participants in the national media conversation.

We’ve also helped to develop an online game that helps young people identify and develop coping skills for dealing with stresses that may precede mental health problems, as well as partnering with Chuffed to set up a non-profit crowd-funding platform, which has seen great results.

Each of these organisations is innovating in order to create a brilliant connected future for our communities, and we’re proud to be involved.

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