I’ve been a fan of mind mapping, graphic organisers and visual language for ages. I use them in my work, my eldest daughter for her school work and I used to tutor kids in mind mapping online for a while in 2008. The first time I saw a mind map I was enchanted by the way that concepts, ideas, and information could be presented.

There are loads of ways you can benefit from using mind maps. I find a big picture view really helpful to understanding where everything fits in. I really love to use a mind map to brainstorm ideas in a fluid, non hierarchical manner. Mind maps are also brilliant for showing relationships or links between things.  Mind mapping is not for everyone, and I’ve met a few people who think it has not value at all and is just a another gimmick.

There are probably more than 50 different software products out in the market but my two favourites tools for building maps are MindMeister and Free Mind. If you are looking for training here in Australia you can’t go past Buzan Australia.

I’m going to share with you some of my favourite apps, software, resources and examples of mind maps I’ve found in my travels.

The light hearted humorous mind map below by Lunch Breath gives newbie’s an instructional guide to mind mapping or “brainkrumping” as the author calls it.

Do you get the value of using visual thinking tools like mind maps?