I’ve been on Twitter for 47% of its existence which means I must have joined up somewhere in 2009. In that span of time between its creation in 2006, and 2009, I have created and deleted myself a few times while I discovered just how powerful it was as a news channel.

Since then it has become an invaluable tool in every day work life to communicate and read breaking news -as a community manager for our Telstra_News handle it is of paramount importance in my role for keeping an eye on breaking news, trends and talking directly with our customers.

What also amazes me online is the wealth of knowledge freely shared by everyday people just like you and me via blogs. If you want to find out more about your niche interest in say ‘Ducati motorcycles’ Google Blog search it (or just read mine!).

So it’s no surprise to me that social media is currently replacing traditional journalism as a major news source. People are turning away the media spin or political jibe in droves, they want to know what YOU think.

Social journalism is becoming the top news source that people trust, other people interpreting and reporting the facts of the world as we see it, not as we are told to see it.

The infographic by Schools.com below elaborates. Enjoy.

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How do you get your daily news these days?