As soon as the business pages for Google+ launched I knew I wanted to be a key part of it for Telstra. My role as Community Manager made that a pretty natural fit so when I found this infographic by Chris Brogan and Blue Glass outlining some of the very cool things about this network, I naturally had to share it.

For Telstra as a business the G+ (Google+) platform presented a really unique opportunity to participate in a new social network and cement us as leaders in new media, and to help humanise the brand.

gooleplus-business-blog-inpostWhile Facebook is a natural fit for our customer service and community engagement objectives, Google+ represents an entirely different community. Why?  It enables me personally to focus on a driving passion for motorcycling, and the brand Ducati, as well being a perfect fit for my geek tendencies, but for Telstra it is a fast developing network of technology focussed people that like to talk to us as a company but on an individual level. It’s a mainline into the Telstra network.

It’s important for businesses to realise how integrated Google products are and how G+ ‘+1s’ are really helpful for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and can increase your brand’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Every time you get another +1, your content starts ranking better.

Interestingly, as the infographic below points out, 60% of G+ users log-in every single day. That’s a pretty impressive stat on its own.

Most of the conversations I have are for Telstra on G+ and as such are fun and engaging insights about the business – our updates range from amazing aerial pictures to cheeky teasers and product releases (Android fans love hanging out on G+).  I like giving users that link between what can seem like the giant Telco, and the human at the other end of the line. We are all really passionate people working at Telstra and G+ lets me explore that with the community.

A really cool feature that lets me tap into that is how G+ allows you to provide content tailored to individual tastes and interests using Circles. This is a unique way of contacting groups of people with common interests like Android or 4G.

Some people think that G+ represents a place for the disaffected from Facebook and Twitter, but I disagree whole-heartedly. G+ is an evolving and very interesting place – but you might not find your friends and family there as you would with Facebook. Instead you’ll find groups of like minded people including bloggers, artists, musicians, motorcyclists or yarn bombers. G+ has 90 million users and is growing rapidly, so the possibilities are endless.

And, unlike Facebook, adding and removing people to your Circles need not be a stressful.  Adding and removing someone from you Circles aren’t permission based, you can add people, or entire Circles, follow for a while then take them out if it doesn’t work out – whereas to add a friend on facebook you need to request access first, then to remove them feels very personal. I’ve always struggled with the ‘defriend’ thing, it feels like a bit of a slap in the face because I only ‘friend’ people I know in real life.

But on G+ you can reach out and talk to all sorts of people from all over the world. It’s refreshing, interesting and fun!

Circle us now and get “Plussing”.