From Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

Over the years we’ve seen some of the world’s most exiting smartphones unveiled at Mobile World Congress – the mobile industry’s annual trade show. This year’s no different.

Sunday evening (Barcelona time) HTC and Samsung revealed three ground-breaking smartphones. And the best news is they’re all bound for Australia and are compatible with our ultra-fast 4GX service.

HTC One M9

First cab off the rank was HTC announcing the HTC One M9. It’s an LTE-A 4GX Cat 6 compatible device, offering customers top speeds up to twice as fast as our regular 4G.

HTC is known for its beautifully designed phones, superior sound experience and beautiful photography and the M9 won’t disappoint.

It features a metal unibody, signature HTC BoomSound with Dolby Audio™ Surround and a 20MP camera that will record 4K video.

Two of my favourite M9 features are its personalised themes and contextual widgets.

The themes feature allows you to customise the appearance of your phone just by snapping a picture.

As for the contextual widget, it’s a widget as you know it but smarter. The widget selects apps for you based on your location, so certain apps will appear when you’re at work and different apps when you’re at home. Very handy.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy 6 edge

Once again, Samsung has delivered two super-fast LTE-A 4GX Cat 6 smartphones that lift the bar. Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy 6 edge focus on design innovation, bringing a more luxurious aluminium construction and glass front and back finish to one of Australia’s most popular smartphone lines.

These are also the first Samsung devices to feature native wireless charging compatibility – which means plugging in your smartphone might soon become a thing of the past.

As you’d expect they’re packed with some pretty great technology for capturing images. Both have a 16MP back camera and a 5MP front facing camera.

The screen is where we start to see some big differences between the two in terms of form and function. The S6 features a 5.1inch Super AMOLED Quad HD screen for crisp and vibrant viewing experience as well as a classic flat design.

But the S6 edge is the world’s first dual curved screen. You’ll be able to choose which edge of the screen you’d like to use. One of the screen edge features demonstrated by Samsung was the integration of contact favourites.

Each contact is represented by a colour tab on the screen’s edge and when tapped, opens out to show your contact’s photo and options for contacting that person including text, phone call or email.

When the phone is screen down, the edges can glow with the colour of that contact when they call, visually letting you know who is calling.

More information

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In the meantime, what do you think about the HTC One (M9) or Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge?