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HTC Desire GPS software released, Voice Search added

Telstra News

Posted on May 1, 2010

2 min read

On Friday evening HTC and Telstra released software that enables GPS functionality on the HTC Desire smartphone.

The software update also introduces a new feature to the HTC Desire – voice search.

Voice search allows customers to use voice commands to find information on the internet more quickly. The voice search feature is integrated with the search functions on the device. It can be activated by holding down the search button (the hard key with the magnifying glass logo on the bottom of the handset) or via the main menu.

The software was made available in two forms:

  1. HTC Desire from TelstraFirmware over the air (FOTA). A notification appeared on the Telstra variant HTC Desire smartphones advising customers that a 4MB update was available. Customers can then choose to install this update over their mobile network or over Wi-Fi (it is recommended that customers travelling outside Australia use a Wi-Fi hotspot). The update will be unmetered for Telstra customers who download the update via the Next G™ network in Australia. Customers receive step-by-step installation instructions with the notification. Customers who did not receive the notification can request the software by going to Settings>About Phone>System software updates>Check now.
  2. Software download from the website. This software download contains the complete updated software package (also known as the ROM) for the device. The package size is around 150MB and should be downloaded to a PC before being installed onto the HTC Desire via the bundled USB cable. Please note this method will erase any data stored on the device which cannot be reclaimed once new software is installed. Customers are strongly advised to back up all data on the device’s removable memory cards before installing new software as files stored on the device’s removable memory card will not be affected.

Thanks for your patience while we designed and triple-tested the software.

Images used under a creative commons licence from Android Dot Com

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