HTC Desire makes for a pretty awesome consumer mobile — but how does it stack up as a business phone? Here’s my take.

Email Sync

First of all for business people, email is king. So access to work email on the go is essential in a business phone.

Luckily, HTC Desire provides good support for Microsoft’s Exchange server – which many businesses run their email on. You can use this to set up Microsoft ActiveSync push email.

I usually sync a month’s worth of email and all my sub folders, I set my email to real time push. I also love having the Global Address Lookup (GAL) for anyone’s email address who hasn’t made it to my contacts yet!!

For some the lack of physical QWERTY keyboard will be a deal breaker. But if you can handle using a virtual QWERTY keyboard to email and tap out messages, this does a good job.

Calendar Sync

HTC Desire from TelstraDesire also supports calendar sync via Microsoft Exchange. This is perfect for managing a busy schedule. You can accept/decline meetings, select the time period you wish to sync and dial numbers directly from the invite!! Also you can set reminders that will appear on your idle screen or notification bar.

Contact Sync

This is the most useful thing ever. I am fanatical about keeping my contacts up to date. Fully sync’ed with my phone I can call/text/email/tweet or Facebook directly from my contacts.

Corporate Security

The coolest thing HTC have done with Microsoft Exchange is to make it secure for corporates. You are forced to have a password when you sync to your exchange server. More than that, if the password is entered incorrectly 8 times then the device will erase all data stored on the device……COOL.

Productivity apps

Yes there are productivity apps on Android too.

There’s already software that will let you read/edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments. Plus there’s a PDF reader.

But you can also head to Android Market and get yourself some useful tools (although it’s not a huge range at this stage). For instance, AK Notepad, which lets you take notes or ‘Got To Do’ which is an application for managing tasks.

Also, if you need a business-quality GPS solution, check out Whereis Navigator for Android. You can access a 7-day, free trial by clicking on the Whereis icon in your programs list. It’s one of the best GPS apps available anywhere.

Even if you don’t get as excited as I do about corporate security, what do you think about using the Desire as a business phone? Does it have the kit needed for you to convince your boss it’s work worthy?