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HOW TO: understand charges on your Telstra bill when you change plans or services

Telstra News

Posted on July 24, 2012

2 min read

It sounds like a Latin superhero or an ancient curse, but pro-rata is something worth understanding. It’s how we calculate charges on your bill when you make a change to your Telstra services, and can seem a little confusing. Feel free to read this post in the voice of a Latin superhero if it helps.

Your Telstra products and services are charged in advance. This means that your monthly bill actually displays charges for next month’s usage.

If you decide to change a plan or service on your bill, there are a couple of things you’ll see on your next bill.

  • You’ll be credited for the days of the previous month you didn’t use your old service.
  • You’ll be charged for the days of the previous month you used your new service.
  • You’ll be charged for next month’s service.

This makes much more sense when used as an example. Let’s say you decide to change from a $15 data pack to a $30 data pack. Your bill is normally issued on the 1st of each month, and you request this change on 10 July. Here’s what you’d see on your bill issued on 1 August:

  • $10 credit for the days in July when you didn’t use the old $15 data pack (20 of 30 days during June)
  • $20 charge for the days in July when you used your new $30 data pack (20 of 30 days during June)
  • $30 charge for your new data usage in August, charged in advance.

These pro-rata charges often appear when you sign up for a new product or service or when upgrading to a new product. Because we charge in advance, your first bill will display the partial month you’ve already used as well as next month’s charges in advance. Unless, of course, you’re a Latin superhero; in which case you probably have psychic powers and don’t really need a mobile phone in the first place.

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