Sometimes it happens… sometimes, as you sit on the bus, dreaming about the day, you miss your stop. Perhaps you’ve had a couple too many afternoon beers; or perhaps you’re too busy playing the latest and greatest pocket games. Perhaps you’re just absent-minded. Sometimes, occasionally, it happens.

Whatever the reason, there’s no need to worry; there’s a simple lifehack that may save you the hassle of finding yourself at the end of the line.

Set a location alarm.

A feature of both Android and iOS devices and easy to set up on Windows Phones, a location alarm is an easy way to alert you of an approaching stop.

Not sure how to do it? Just follow the instructions for your platform below.


In iOS 7 and above, location alarms are tied to the Reminders app.

Simply add a new reminder, open the settings by selecting the info or arrow icon, and turn on ‘remind me at a location.’

Make life easier for yourself by saving regularly visited locations, such as home or work.


If you’ve previously saved a location, activating location alarms is easy through Google Now.

Simply swipe right and tap on the “x minutes to location” option, and the alarm will go off as you get close to that location.

While you’re there, have some fun with Google Now voice controls.

Windows Phone

You can access location alarms with Cortana if you’re running the WP8.1 developer preview. Simply type or say, “remind me when I get to xx,” and Cortina will remind you. Thanks GCrane1982 for the tip!

If you’re not a WP8.1 developer, here are some apps you can install that do the same function: