If you’ve spotted damage to Telstra equipment or payphones in your area, you can quickly report it to us for investigation and repairs.

NOTE: If you need to report damage to Telstra equipment, please visit our Report Damages to Telstra Equipment page. If the damage poses a serious risk (e.g. overhead wires are down) please call us on 13 22 03. With a network of over 18,000 payphones and countless pit covers, manhole covers and phone network components, our engineers aren’t always able to keep an eye on every single point of our infrastructure at once (as much as we’d love to have omnipresent powers!) Here’s how to report damage to us.

Payphone damage and vandalism

It’s important to report payphone vandalism and damage, especially considering local community members rely on payphones to communicate. You can quickly report payphone damage by calling 1802 2244 from any payphone, at no cost.

To help us fix any payphone damage quickly, it’s really helpful if you can provide the exact location of the payphone, any ID number on the payphone and any details of physical damage.

Telstra equipment damage

You can quickly and easily report damage to Telstra equipment online. If you’ve spotted any cables, pillars, pit covers or other equipment which may pose a safety risk, this is the place to report it.

If the damage poses a serious risk – for example, overhead wires are down or there’s a risk of personal injury – please call us immediately on 13 22 03.