When we announced Telstra Thanks Thursday’s, we were very excited – and every week we’ve been loving our free movie rental! And we know you have too, ’cause you’ve been telling us on social media.

However, some of you have also told us that you’ve been a bit confused when trying to redeem your free rental.

Well, no need to worry! You just need to grab your unique code from the Thanks Movies website, before renting one of three free on your compatible device.

If you’re unsure where to get the code or how to use it, just follow the instructions below. There’s also a handy video below that you can watch if you’re still confused.

How to get your unique voucher code:

Every Friday right through to the following Thursday at 11.59pm, simply:

  1. On telstra.com/movies click ‘Get code’
  2. Login to My Account and confirm your e-mail address
  3. Your unique code will appear on screen and will also be sent via email

How to use your code:

Make sure you’ve registered with BigPond Movies – it’s free!

Then on Thursday between 5.30am and 11.59pm, on the compatible device you wish to watch the movie:

  1. Go to the BigPond Movies site and log-in
  2. choose the ‘Thanks Thursdays’ category, then select a movie
  3. At the payment option, enter your code and click ‘Rent’ to enjoy!

You then have 48 hours to enjoy your movie.

For more information, including when unmetering applies, read our FAQ here.

So sit back, relax and let the weekend start early with Telstra Thanks Thursday’s!