My first mobile phone was a Nokia 3310; a clunky old thing that my mum insisted I carry for safety.

I didn’t want it at first, but its little green and black screen grew on me quickly. I soon found myself playing snake to pass the time, as did my friends.

We all could spend days playing that game of snake – all without recharging the phone!

Those days are gone, of course. And while we can still play Snake simulators for days on end, our smartphones need recharging at least once (sometimes twice!) a day.

But we all know that we don’t always have access to recharge – and when your battery starts to run out, you may have to take desperate measures to ensure your phone lasts the rest of the day.

So in case you find yourself in one of those situations, we’ve got five tips to help you out.

How to quickly extend your smartphone battery life

  1. Dim your screen – a bright screen uses a surprising amount of battery power! Turn it down to stop it from doing that
  2. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other features (GPS etc) – turning off non-essential features is the quickest way to give yourself some extra battery time. Most of the time this is easily accessed from your phones quick-menu
  3. Turn off vibrate and keytones – let’s admit it: keytones are annoying anyway! Turn them off, along with any vibration, to save juice
  4. Close your apps – you may have forgotten that you opened Facebook, Twitter, Instagram AND Tumblr all in the last hour, but your phone doesn’t. Turn them off!
  5. Turn on aeroplane mode when you really need it – this is a particularly good trick at music festivals! Just remember tell your friends and check-in at an agreed time