Like most people, I reach for my smartphone on my commute to stay entertained.

But instead of browsing Facebook or catching up on the latest news, I have to admit I’m just as likely to indulge my obsession with Sons of Anarchy by streaming an episode on Presto! (What can I say, I used to ride a motorbike).

We’ve all got our own data indulgences. And our love of content on the go can mean that from time to time we find ourselves running out of data on our plan before a billing month ends.

That’s why we’ve introduced Extra Data – a new feature that allows you to receive automatic top ups in 1GB blocks whenever you reach your monthly data allowance.

Each block of 1GB (or part thereof) is charged at a flat rate of $10.

Of course, if you don’t use any additional data in a month, you won’t be charged for Extra Data.

At the end of your billing month your Extra Data will expire and your allowance will return to normal.

If you sign up to one of our new Go Mobile or Go Business Mobile plans you will automatically get Extra Data as part of your plan.

But if you’re one of our many loyal existing customers and you are on an eligible plan, you can also opt into the feature from now.

To opt in you simply need to log into your My Account page or updated and launch your Telstra 24×7 App.

If you’re on an iOS or Android device simply:

1. Launch the 24×7 app
2. Select a service
3. Click on ‘Optimise your data usage’
4. Click accept to opt in