Moving house is easily one of the most stressful experiences around. If you’re a renter, there’s the gauntlet run of rental inspections and competing against loads of other applicants. Let’s not even think about the challenges of purchasing a home at auction. That’s all before you’ve even begun moving!

During my recent house relocation, I experienced all sorts of delights which are probably familiar to any renter:

  • Removalists who interpreted boxes marked “Fragile” as “Hurl these boxes into the moving van as if they were shot-puts”
  • Facing up to the fact that your jungle-garden needs a good mow before you move out
  • Playing a real-life version of Tetris with moving boxes at your new place

HOW TO: Moving homeYour Telstra services are quite easy to relocate. When you move home, we’ll provide you with a dedicated Moving Home manager who’s there for you every step of the way. I certainly found having one single contact made things far less stressful for my move.

Not only does your Moving Home manager make sure your services are moved across, they can even chat to you about your options if you’re thinking of changing plans or bundles. What I particularly liked was the ability to reply to an SMS with any questions. My Moving Home manager called me back shortly afterwards to help out.

She even called me back after my move to make sure everything was working as I expected. If only my gung-ho removalists had done that…

What to do when moving home

If you’re moving home any time soon, just complete our Moving Home form and we’ll be in touch towards your moving date to sort everything out for you.

Or call 1800 283 407 before you move.

It’s pretty easy to forget all the things you need to remember when you’re moving home – mail redirection, updating the addresses for your bills, setting up contents insurance…

What other tips do you have for checklists for moving?