While there’s not a tried and tested recipe for achieving fame for your pet on the internet it helps if they’re ridiculously cute/funny/impressive and not afraid to make fools of themselves.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t appreciate the odd belly chortle at a cat falling into a bath or a dog balancing a hamburger on its head? Or daily pictures of a mini dachshunds cuddling Weimaraners?

With that in mind, here’s 5 tips on how to make your own pet an internet star.

Find their talent

The internet is kitty-littered with washed up, wannabe star pets. Well, not really. But to make sure your companion avoids the straight-to-DVD brigade and instead walks the online red carpet, zone in on its special talents that make it unique. Does your Siamese cat like to run on the treadmill? Does your Frenchie play the guitar? Does your parrot sing Justin Bieber songs? Does your sloth dress up in your underwear and eat ice cream? It’s all gold, baby. Pet.. Internet.. Gold…. You’ve just got to find it.

Video made the Internet star

This one’s obvious, right? No one’s going to believe your semi-blind Labrador can do a triple-axel flip while catching a Frisbee… unless you have the video footage to prove it, of course. Pick a smartphone with a nice slo-mo option and holster it like you’ve got a trigger finger happier than Dirty Harry’s. To really showcase your pet’s wares online, use an editing app to cut together some different camera angles and add some background music. Here’s one me and my little mate @mac_the_sausage baked up earlier.

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Get Social

Now that you’ve got some sweet footage, why not give him/her their very own social media accounts to show it off? Having dedicated profiles (instead of using your own) can help you build their own unique persona (or ‘brand’ if you’re really taking this thing seriously!) online. To have some fun with it, try writing only in first-person.. ah.. I mean, first-animal.. I mean… ok, you get it. Don’t forget to #hashtag your posts to drive hits! Hell, why not get all guerrilla like and tag your pet into already-well-established pet pages?  

Content, Content, Content

I want you to imagine Selling Houses Australia host, Andrew Winter is sitting opposite you. He’s come to help because you’re having a hard time getting your helpless little pet a foothold in that savagely competitive market that is the internet. Andrew tells you that you need to regularly post pictures, video and other interesting content about your pet. Every. Single. Day. Otherwise, you risk getting drowned out by a raft of up-and-coming whippersnappers hungrier for the same prize.  And by god, he’s right.

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Treat your pet well

Now imagine you are your pet. Your master forgot to feed you this morning, just like he forgot your flea medicine last week. You haven’t been walked / played with in a month, and your bed resembles the underside of a 10-year-old fabric couch. Do you feel like performing for the camera? No. Do you feel like pooing on the carpet? Yes. The moral of the story is, treat your little mate good and he’ll give you A-grade material in return. Or poo on your carpet. That could happen either way, which is a good segue to Guinea Pig on a Roomba.  

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