After the pandemic sent non-essential workers into their makeshift home offices, many realised the potential that working from home had to offer. One unintended side-effect of COVID-19 is the realisation that many Australians will now work from home permanently. If you’re one of the lovers of the home office, you might want to take note on how to ensure you’re ‘always-on’ for your new work-from-home future.

Reliability built-in

Telstra Smart Modem

There’s nothing worse than being on a deadline and not being able to connect to your office. It robs you of precious time in your day.

Thanks to the Smart Modem 2’s 4G mobile backup capability, you’ll not only get online sooner, but have peace of mind. The built-in mobile connection automatically kicks in when your fixed service unexpectedly goes down. It’s also easier for our field technicians to diagnose your network if there’s a fault on your connection.

That’s how the Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2 makes sure you’re getting the best of the service you’re paying for. If you ever have any issues with your home broadband experience, our field technicians have one-click access to vital stats on the health of your home network making it faster for our experts to get you back online.

Overall, this means less effort to get set up and online for our customers for a better work-from-home experience.

Ready when you are

One of the most annoying things about signing up for a new internet plan is the waiting. Waiting for technicians; waiting for connectivity, and all the while your work is stacking up.

Telstra fixed broadband customers don’t have to worry about the waiting, and can get connected the day they receive their Smart Modem 2.

The back-up SIM card in the Smart Modem 2 not only keeps you connected when your service goes down, but connects you immediately to our incredible 4G network while we work on getting your fixed broadband line connected in the background.

From our research, we’ve seen that the vast majority of our customers use their service while waiting for the fixed-line to get connected thanks to the awesome 4G capabilities of Smart Modem 2.

Staying secure

When working from a corporate office, the networking hardware you connect to may be quite different from the one you use at home. Before embarking on a more permanent work-from-home setup, check with your employer about the security standards required to ensure you and your business are safe.

We’re already working to make sure that the internet is a safer place to do business, socialise and stay entertained from home. Our Cleaner Pipes initiative works to actively block cyber threats on our network that would compromise the safety of our customers’ personal information, for example.

The right stuff

If you’re struggling to get connected in every room of your house, our Home Dashboard app can help you diagnose areas in need of a boost. With the application of our Gen 2 Smart Wi-Fi Boosters in trouble spots, you can finally get Wi-Fi in those harder to reach areas of your home with a simple set-up procedure. Nifty!

And making sure you’ve got the rest of the gear you need can ensure a comfortable and productive workspace. Ergonomics – how well your workspace is designed – is a key aspect to consider when trying to stay healthy at work. The way you sit and what you’re sitting on can have a lasting impact on your health.

Employers often provide an ergonomic check as part of workplace health and safety programs, so ensuring your home workspace is up to par is important.

We recommend a:

  • Laptop
  • Laptop power cable
  • Laptop stand (if applicable)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Headset
  • Headset charger

If you don’t have access to any of the following, we recommend speaking to your business about purchasing these for your home environment, or getting an ergonomics specialist to check in on your environment.

Things you need to know:

Telstra Smart Modem: Mobile backup is available in premises in 4G coverage areas. Check coverage at Your mobile backup connection is limited to speeds up to 6Mbps for downloads and 1Mbps for uploads. Actual speeds will vary due to local conditions and content accessed.

Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Boosters Gen 2: Maximum of four per broadband account.