Unless you have a photographic memory, you probably can’t remember all of your friends’ phone numbers, but did you know there’s an easy way to associate nicknames with your the phone numbers on your online bill? Although it might prove embarrassing to see just how often you call your significant other, you’ll probably find it a great way to easily see who you’ve called and when.

Request a paperless bill via email.You can also group certain types of calls into groups in your online bill. This can be really handy if you’re making both personal and business calls, and need to claim certain phone numbers for tax purposes. Just add all of your business contacts into a Caller Group, and you can easily generate a report for tax purposes.

If you want to view call details for your Telstra account, here’s how.

Option 1: Sign up for Email Bill

If you switch from a paper bill to an email bill, you’ll receive itemised call details in your bill. Find out more.

Option 2: Access My Account

Log into My Account (or register if you haven’t already done so). From the top menu, click Billing & Payments > Online Billing > View Bills. Select your service (e.g. mobile phone) then select Full Itemised Usage.

Setting up Caller Groups

If you need to split your phone bill between housemates, or want to track calls to particular numbers for tax purposes, you might be interested in setting up Caller Groups. In My Account, click Billing & Payments. On the next page, click Manage My Online Bill > Allocate Calls to Groups.

You might also be interested in changing certain phone numbers to being displayed as names you recognise. In My Account, click Billing & Payments. On the next page, click Manage My Online Bill > Allocate Names to Numbers.

Pretty handy if you need to check the details of your bill… in fact, for data nerds like me, it’s just interesting to see how often you’re calling certain people.

What other uses have you found for splitting your callers into groups in online billing?