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How To: book a GP appointment on your mobile

Tech and Innovation

Posted on June 11, 2015

2 min read

Need to book a GP appointment online or on your mobile? Health Engine’s App is for you:

It starts with a sniffle, progresses to a cough, your eyes get heavy, your sinuses congested. Finally, although your body is shivering from cold, you’re sweating more than a ham on an Australian Christmas Day. The flu has caught you and you need to see a doctor.

Unfortunately, as we enter flu season this will become more common across Australia and with it comes one of recent time’s greatest challenges; sweet talking a receptionist to secure the first available free spot with your doctor.

Given how unappealing I generally look and sound with a fever, phlegm and puffy eyes, thankfully now with the help of online booking service Health Engine, my negotiating skills can get some of the much needed rest that the remainder of my body needs.

Health Engine is Australia’s largest online doctor booking service. We believe that the beauty of the service is in its simplicity. All you need to do is open the app, choose the type of service you need (for example, GP, Dentist, Physio or Chiropractor) and select your location. From there a map displays all of the nearby facilities who are listed with Health Engine and the times of their next available appointments.

Once a time and location is selected, you are provided with the name of the doctor and fill in some basic information, outlining a high level summary of what the visit is for. From there it’s just a click on the ‘Make booking’ button and your medical receptionist haggle is done. And you didn’t have to pretend to be near death to do so.

Health Engine currently has more than 60,000 practices and practitioners listed across Australia and is approaching its one millionth appointment booked. So in addition to your vitamin C, Echinacea, chicken soup and hot water bottle, be sure to download the app and make dealing with any illness that little bit easier.

Telstra has a financial investment in Health Engine. This information is not to be considered as or relied upon as medical advice.