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One of the great things about Telstra’s Graduate Program is that over 18 months we get to be part of a series of courses that help us to develop and grow as young professionals.

Recently, we completed ‘Module 3- Innovation and Growth’, which was facilitated by Impact International.

This program encouraged us to push our own boundaries and challenge ideas in a supportive and engaging environment, that allowed creativity to flourish.

To complete the module we had to undertake a competitor analysis, do an impromptu pitch, work on a mood board, learn how to implement stages of innovation and even create a freestanding structure to catapult an object (there is never a dull moment at Telstra!).

Here are the top three things I learnt from the day.

1. Don’t fear failure

We should all actively strive towards a ‘growth mindset’ rather than a ‘fixed mindset’.

People with a ‘growth mindset’ like to try new things, perceive failure as an opportunity to grow and see feedback as constructive.

This is compared to a person who has a a ‘fixed mindset’. They don’t like to grow their abilities, hate to be challenged and because they stick to what they know, they limit their openness to embrace change and innovate.

Therefore, in order to be a successful innovator, people need to consciously work towards becoming or sustaining a “growth mindset”.

2. Collaboration is key

Never underestimate the power of people!

Being part of the Graduate Program allows me to to collaborate with individuals from a diverse range of fields.

For instance, a HR Graduate has the opportunity to work with a Marketer, Network Engineer and Finance Graduate on the same project.

This reflects a ‘Project Ways of Working’ mindset to problem solving, that recognises that creativity requires differing skill sets.

3. Practice, practice, practice!

These graduate modules allow us to put theory into practice in a supportive setting.

This helps to grow our confidence and refine techniques so that we are equipped with the necessary skills to apply to real-life scenarios in the future.

The Graduate Program creates an environment for individuals to succeed through guidance and additional training, and delivers on its promise to provide development opportunities to graduates and employees.