Executive Director of Telstra Home and Premium Services, John Chambers shares his top picks from CES for the connected home.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is one of my favourite events of the year, serving as a global platform for innovators and breakthrough technologies.

This year I’m moving into an exciting new role as the Executive Director of Telstra Home and Premium Services which means I have the opportunity to contribute to the future of how Australians live in their homes. From the little things to the life-changing, my focus was almost entirely on Smart Home and Internet of Things at #CES16.

We had a number of great meetings with partners, other global service providers, and Ecosystem players Smartthings to discuss opportunities to develop Telstra’s vision of connecting, protecting and empowering Australians in the home.

Ultimately, these products and services will complement our current suite of Telstra Home innovations such as our market leading T-Voice App which allows users to make and receive high quality voice calls from compatible tablets and smart phones over home Wi-Fi.

The exhibits showing the core components of a Smart Home – sensors, cameras, locks etc – became far more numerous. So I thought I would provide a quick look at some of the fun and new Smart Home innovations that caught my eye during this year’s CES with a big focus on improving health and fitness or making life easier or safer around the home.

Smart Window Washers

My house design contains so much glass that I can’t help but love this. Connect the smart window washers such as the WINBOT from Ecovacs Robotics and they clean your glass surfaces, all controlled from an app on your phone.

smart windows
WINBOT from Ecovacs Robotics

Senior Lifestyle Solutions

There are a number of emerging solutions that pair home sensors with smart analytics – which is life changing stuff. GreenPeak showcased their senior lifestyle solution which features motion sensors and cameras with machine learning to keep family members informed on how their loved one is doing and alert them to any unusual behaviours or movements, wherever they are.


Smart Utensils

A number of companies are trying to solve the problem of simplifying food analysis. For me personally, the one thing I would like to enter into my Fitbit app, but never have the time or patience to do so, is my food intake. Smart utensils like those from Spun are looking to solve that challenge.

Spun nutrition tracking utensils

Smart Drink Bottles

Smart drink bottles like the FuelPod from LifeFuels store, dispense and by connecting to an app, suggest and track daily liquid nutrition!

water bottles
Fuel Pod


Netamo Presence is a smart home camera that includes object recognition. For example, if the camera is focused on your front yard, it can alert you when your pet is walking across the lawn, when the mailman has been or if there are suspicious looking people hanging around.

3d cameras
Presence by Netamo

 Virtual Reality

Many are picking 2016 as the year virtual reality will arrive in a form that can be bought and used in the home.  Samsung took it up a level at the show with their stand allowing dozens of people at a time to experience a wild ride together!

samsung vr
Samsung’s VR wild ride at CES16

Home Garages

Meanwhile, home garages are about to get a lot smarter, or at least the cars parked in them will be.

Audi unveiled its A7 driverless car concept and all the major players demonstrated increasingly automated cars.

Perhaps the most hype surrounded Faraday Futures, a Chinese company who are looking to extend their dominance in streaming content from the Le TV brand (they are the Netflix of China) and their cloud infrastructure into leadership in autonomous cars. While it’s known as the FFZERO1 Concept, Faraday say it’s more than a concept car – it’s a car of concepts.

Faraday Futures FFZERO1 Concept

Well I guess if the car is driving itself, you might as well sit back and watch some amazing 4K quality content!