I have been at Telstra as a product owner for just over five months, and I feel like I have joined at just the right time.

I’m a Product Owner (Agile) and part of Telstra’s new ways of working, where we nurture and grow scrum teams to deliver amazing digital products progressively.

For this role, I need to balance focusing on the team as well as on our customers. It’s a challenge but I really enjoy it.

The reason I feel like I have joined Telstra at the right time is because my role enables me to be part of our digital transformation, which is a key part of the organisation’s vision of becoming a world-class technology company that empowers people to connect.

I have gone through a similar transformation at a large-scale company, previously in my career. That’s why I know during this journey there will be plenty of opportunities for me to learn and grow my career as a Product Owner.

So what does my average day look like at Telstra? Here are just a few things on my work list:

  • Attend the Agile Scrum ceremonies with my team
  • Ensure that my teams have enough high business value stories from the product backlog to work on, by working with our customers
  • Organise fortnightly demonstrations of the incremental working software to showcase it to all of the relevant stakeholders
  • Lead my teams so that their impediments are addressed on time

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It’s a pretty busy role but it’s an area I’m really passionate about. Why? Because my dream is for Telstra to become the go-to service provider for all customers in Australia by providing them with a brilliant customer experience. I know it’s something that everyone who works here is focused on.

Lakshmi speaking at the Women in Technology Australia – Conference

So what is my best piece of career advice for you?

Be ready to grab any opportunity that comes along because it’s a chance for you to acquire a new skill and implement that in the job you have taken.

It’ll also help you to stay motivated and feel challenged, which will hopefully lead to a greater purpose and sense of satisfaction.