I started my career in the Australian Defence Force and what I really enjoyed about this time in my life was being able to make a difference to so many people on such a large scale.

I feel like I get to do the same thing here at Telstra.

To be able to work for such a large organisation – the largest telecommunications and technology company in Australia that has an impact on almost every household in this country – is really powerful.

If we get security right for Telstra, we’re actually helping protect Australia’s critical infrastructure and national security interests.

My role at Telstra

I lead a team of specialists within the Cyber Security team and our job is to make sure we secure every line of source code as early as possible, while still enabling the business to move fast.

Another part of our role is to educate our developers, uplift our development teams and put security automation tooling into their hands.

Why? Because at the end of the day, we cannot do security by ourselves. We need the organisation to practice security in collaboration with us and ensure that software is being developed ‘secure by default’.

Our team has a very strong alignment to Telstra’s vision of becoming a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.

This makes our work even more relevant and exciting, as the business really depends on us to make sure we can deliver quality, robust, secure applications to our customers as fast as possible.

It’s challenging work but….

I feel like since I started here, I’ve been able to take my career to a new level as every day is different and full of variety.

The cutting edge work I get to do also means I need to use different parts of my brain – technical, strategic and business.

As the Security Code Manager, I need to use my technical brain for the innovative work we are doing in “shifting security left” and for keeping up with industry trends. I use my strategic brain to deliver capability that that will enable us to scale and to influence security culture within the business, and I use my business brain to make sure the operational demands of the team are managed.

Why my future is at Telstra

Telstra’s leaders have given me so much autonomy to define and create a new team. I can honestly say they’ve been extremely trusting in my decision making and it’s something that has helped me to excel in my role.

The other reason why I see my future at Telstra is that I’ve been able to work from my hometown of Perth, and from my home office whenever I need to. This type of flexibility is amazing and has helped me to balance my life needs.

Having said this, my leaders and colleagues who work on the east coast of Australia make sure I’m always connected to them, so I never feel isolated and always part of the team.

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