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How a smart home could help your day

Smart Home

Posted on December 2, 2016

1 min read

Nadia Bartell, SeeWantShop, Chris Burt-Allan, Friend in Fashion and YummoLolaBerry checked the new Telstra Smart Home and showed us how they’d use it in their every day. From keeping an eye on the kids to getting dinner started while you’re away from home or lighting up your dream wardrobe – you can easily tailor your Telstra Smart Home to work for your household.



Can monitor her son Ashton from anywhere in the house or on the go



Sheds some light on her fab threads – now to choose an outfit!


Chris Burt Allan

Can't quite reach the lights. Mobile lights on/off



Is not quite ready to be in the kitchen but she can still start cooking


Friend in Fashion

Hits the right temperature with a tap from her phone


Visit to see how Smart Home could help your every day.