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Hot Air Ballooning with the Samsung Galaxy S8


Posted on May 19, 2017

2 min read

Melbourne based photographer and Instagram star Aleksandar Jason joined forces with Telstra to capture a stunning early morning Hot Air Balloon ride – all via livestream on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

On Sunday, 30 April, I teamed up with Telstra to launch the brand new Samsung S8 – a piece of tech I have been really excited for due to its ability to capture amazing photos, among other things.

An early morning wake up call, 4AM to be exact – and off into a hot air balloon just outside of the Yarra Valley. We livestreamed to Facebook via the Samsung Gear 360 – another gadget with endless possibilities. Whilst 2000 feet off the ground, I documented my morning and mid flight adventure with the GS8 – a phone equipped with a neat 1.8 lens, great for low light photography. We streamed for 20 minutes, with zero interference. I got to answer a few questions from fans watching the livestream on Facebook and of course show my viewers what the GS8 was capable of.

Being able to connect with people via the internet allows me to promote my work to the next generation of creatives, and encourages them to get out and explore our amazing world. It’s like hosting an instant workshop, and allows you to form an immediate bond with a worldwide audience. Ideally, I would livestream a lot of my adventures, and with Telstra I can do this from more places using their 4GX service.

There’s so much more I’d love to do with the Samsung Gear 360, could you imaging that on a drone? I’m excited about what more the future holds for photography and sharing my experience.

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