It is around this time of year where the focus shifts from work and school to summer holidays somewhere along the vast Australian coast line. And if network traffic is anything to go by, people are packing their smartphones and tablets along with their beach towels.

Looking back on network traffic trends from previous years, we can see that almost 95 per cent of Australia’s popular holiday destinations* are located on the coast, with place like Lorne in Victoria, Robe in South Australia, Bateman’s Bay in NSW, Surfers Paradise in Queensland and Dunsborough in Western Australia experiencing a dramatic increase in network traffic last year.

The migration of network traffic starts during the Christmas and New Year period and, depending on the town or location, will start to subside in January, with network data showing that the Australia Day weekend the official end to the holiday period.

And with shiny new devices waiting under the Christmas tree for some lucky people, I am sure we will see even more activity, more people and more devices come onto Telstra’s network traffic this holiday season.

To keep up with this demand, and make sure our customer experience the same quality of service they are used to, we have spent the year upgrading the network and boosting capacity in over 100 holiday hotspots across Australia.

We also accelerated the launch 4GX services in places like Apollo Bay in Victoria and Byron Bay in NSW in order to provide even more network capacity.

Watch: See the areas where we’ve completed network upgrades to support more visitors

While upgrade work will assist in managing demand, just as the parking lot at the supermarket gets full during peak times, if everyone tries to make a call or use data at the same time it may be hard for everyone to connect. These peak times are generally around lunchtime and early evening.

On the odd chance that you do experience connection issues in busy locations this summer, just wait a few minutes and try again.

All in all, the Telstra Mobile Network has you covered this summer.

*As measured by network traffic growth.