A lot has changed since 1997 when James Cameron’s Titanic premiered, the first colour photograph appeared on the front page of the New York Times and Wi-Fi first entered our lives.

Today, Wi-Fi is something we often take for granted in our day-today lives – whether it’s having the whole household online at once, working away from the office, checking live stats at sporting games, sending emails from airport lounges or instagraming meals at your favourite café.

Public networks such as Telstra Air mean we can connect in more cities, parks and beach areas than ever before.

To recognise the significant role Wi-Fi plays in connecting cities and communities around the world, on Monday 20 June, the Wireless Broadband Alliance will host the first ever World Wi-Fi Day.

And to celebrate, Telstra is joining with some of the world’s leading technology organisations to give hundreds of millions of people across the globe access to free Wi-Fi.

From Friday 17 June to Monday 20 June, anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, tablet or other device will be able to surf, share or stream for free at more than Telstra Air Wi-Fi hotspots around Australia.

How Australia’s love-affair with Wi-Fi developed


How to get online for free this weekend

  • If you’re already a Telstra Air customer – continue to use the Telstra Air app and access Wi-Fi for free until 30 September.
  • If you’re at a public hotspot (i.e. a pink payphone) and you’re not already registered for Telstra Air – you’ll connect to ‘Telstra Free Wi-Fi’.
  • If you’re at a Fon hotspot (i.e. a home hotspot) and you’re not already registered for Telstra Air – you’ll connect to ‘Fon Wi-Fi’.

For full details, visit Crowdsupport.